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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tea with Mom

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Mom, Aaron and I went on a little road trip today. We took the ferry from Edmonds across to Kingston. We stopped for tea in a cute little town called Port Gambel, and then drove on up to Port Townsend.

Once you get through the seemingly endless winding roads through forrests and farmland, Port Townsend is a jewel of a town right out on the Straight of Juan de Fuca. The old army base, Fort Warden, was the film location for An Officer and a Gentleman, as well as the Ring. It is full of sights, and the old officers quarters are available for rent - but book early because those rooms fill up. Downtown Port Townsend is beautiful and interesting old buildings filled with restaurants, cafes, and little shops. I could spend hours, days exploring this town. I'm going to have to come back again when I have more time.

More pictures from Port Townsend

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