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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Better Off Dead

This past weekend I discovered that Mr. H had never seen the movie "Better off Dead." This cult classic that most people of my generation (sub generation - should probably narrow it down to an ~8 year time span) can quote along with each line.

Suddenly I'm questioning all those times he nodded along with me as I spouted off some quote from the movie that had relevance to our life - an education was in order if he was to really get what I was getting at.

I went to my film archives (what a geek) to dig out the VHS tape, but didn't find it until after we broke down and rented a copy.

How did he like it? Hmmm, he laughed at the appropriate places but I don't think it will ever hold the same significance for him as it did for me.

A couple of months before the wedding my youngest brother, Steve, and my Dad had to sit him down and introduce him to The Blues Brothers.

his education continues...

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