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Friday, July 15, 2005

What comes around goes around

The other day, a friend of mine at work asked me if I had a copy of the Riversong Lodge Cookbook. The book, a mix of recipes and the stories of a couple's trials and triumphs in building a fly-in lodge in rural Alaska had been a favorite of mine. I spent hours reading the stories and even more hours trying out the recipes. But the book had been loaned out to someone many years ago and no longer in my possession.

My friend brought in her copy of the book to give me, she was trying to downsize her cookbook collection, but she likes to make sure her things have a good home. I love how things come full circle like this. And this time I got an upgrade. My old copy was paperback. The new one, hard bound and signed by the author.

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Moose Nuggets said...

Mama and I won a trip on Rust's Flying service to Lake Creek. Our guides operated out of Riversong Lodge and we had lunch there (Mahi Mahi as I recall, seems odd to fly so far and fish so hard for salmon to eat tuna... Oh Well). I remember they had the cook book on sale there too.

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