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Monday, June 26, 2006

is it just me?

So it's 8pm and still 89 degrees (F) in a part of the country where this is not every day fare . . .
air-conditioning? not in this town

I'm just nursing my bruised ego from an all out - tears included - argument about, of all things, ice cream flavors, and it occurred to me that I heard somewhere that people tend to fight more when the tempurature goes up. Anyone else notice this phenomenon in their own lives?

Do you find it's easier to get into some silly, non-sensical argument with your significant other/ family/friends when the tempuratures soar?

come on, work with me here - tell me I'm not alone


mama said...

I spent 2.5 miserable years in Phoenix. (some of the best days of my life. . . but that's another story.) Being too hot is much worse than being too cold: you can always add a sweater then. But too hot--there's only so much you can take off. Tends to make one terribly crabby. (Personal experience on that one!)

Moose Nuggets said...

There is a REASON I live in the far North frozen wasteland.

OK, that and I like the hunting.

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