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Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Update - Week 20

At week 20 of 40, we're halfway through this pregnancy adventure and halfway to holding baby in our arms. We had the anatomy scan last Friday and, despite baby's hiccups, we were able to take a close look at the brain, spine and kidneys and even the tiny little fingers and toes. After assuring that everything looked healthy we got to move on to the little tidbit of information everyone has been desperately waiting for: It's a Girl!

Here's a picture of our beautiful baby girl's head and shoulder in profile.

This is my contribution to Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

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Denise said...

Okay...I don't know you but why did this post bring tears to my eyes!

That is just SO sweet and what a GREAT photo!


Jessica said...

Congratulations! :) Isn't technology great? I can't wait for my next ultrasound; they are so fun. I am 33 weeks, expecting a boy next month. It's such an exciting time... hope you're enjoying it!

Sydney said...

congrats... hang onto your hat. The last half of the pregnancy FLEW by for me. Enjoy it!

This Mom said...

Glad the see that everything Is going well. Congrats on the GIRL.

HAve fun shopping!!!

Obligated Adventurer said...

She looks just like you, Judy.

You may take that any way you like.

The Rule Maker said...

Congrats. Pink! I have dreamed of pink!

I have all my twenty week ultra sound pics tucked into my wallet!

Linda said...

Oh, how precious...I hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing.
It will be over before you know it!!

Tricia said...

Congratulations. I'm so excited for you. I can't believe you're already at 20 weeks. What a great photo you were able to get. We can already see that she's of course incredibly intelligent, compassionate, and beautiful!

Michelle (Madhouse of Fun) said...

She is adorable! I'm glad that everything is going well for all of you! Enjoy the last half of your pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! :) What a great sono picture! NAMES! We need to know names :) Kristin? hahaha....I kid. :) Congrats again, half way through, now comes that feeling of constantly being uncomfortable and restless, enjoy every moment of it!

mama said...

A girl! What fun! And a beautiful picture as well. So glad to hear that all is well. :D

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Judy!!

jen721 said...

Congrats on you little girl. Glad you are doing well.

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