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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alex and Timmy's Not-So-Excellent Adventure

My brothers, Alex and Tim, are stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere Canada.

They left Alaska Thursday morning in a U-Haul vacuum packed with my Mother's possessions and headed South to the Seattle area. The trip can be made in three days if you have two drivers and don't stop to sleep. That is also provided you are driving a vehicle that has been maintained a little better than a U-Haul.

This little adventure has netted the boys so far (on separate occasions): brake lights out, engine light on, lost power, fuel line failure, lost second gear, RPMs won't go over 200. Responses from U-Haul have included repeatedly hanging up on the boys and one assistant manager stating that U-Haul doesnt pay him enough to drive out there with a new rig to swap them out. They did finally send a tow truck so now I'm hoping they'll get moving in the right direction.

Apparently we're not the only one to have trouble with U-Haul. A quick google search came up with a list of sites like this:

Update: the boys arrived safely a little before midnight Wednesday night.


Kristen said...

Ok... that sucks, I hope things work out for them.

if you need any help in the interim, please gimme a call... you may have already forgotten the phone number. I wish I did.

mama said...

Yup, that sucked. At least it wasn't 40 below.

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