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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Timmy is moving to Seattle too!

Tormenting Timmy - 11/4/07After the fiasco of transporting Mom's stuff to Seattle from Alaska via the ill-maintained U-Haul (see this post for the back story - we're still fighting U-Haul on getting a refund), my brother Tim decided to hang around for a couple days and see if there are any good job opportunities for him around the Seattle area. Wouldn't you know it, House of Harley needed a parts guy and my brother happens to be a Harley Davidson parts guy. Match made in heaven.

The new job starts on April 21, so Timmy has three weeks to give notice at his old job and pack up his house and drive his truck, his Harley, and the rest of his junk back down the Alcan. I'm hoping this time he wont go with U-Haul again. Is there any other option out there?

Slowly but surely my whole family is making their way to the Seattle area. Of course this is good news.

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mama said...

If you build it, they will come? :)

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