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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Google Search Terms

Every once in a while a visit to Google Analytics will provide some data that I'm not quite sure how to process

Here's a sample of search terms that turned up for CoffeeJitters:

  • how to get rid of coffee jitters (ahem, seriously people!)
  • shooting dad
  • did you lose something
  • its business night
  • happy hour
  • left over cake
  • what happened to la dolce vita
  • pictures of fat brides (ouch!)
  • seattle rutabaga
Some of these make sense. Some of these, I've decided I don't really want to figure them out.

Has Google Analytics (or Woopra or whatever other tool you use) turned up anything that blew your mind?


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Romi said...

Shooting dad . . . as in wide shot or close-up, with a camera? I get some strange searches on my blog too. I like your blog by the way and thanks for stopping by mine.

mama said...

Get rid of you? Wow, who'd want to do such a thing!? Perish the thought!!

I've never tried the google but I recently added feedjit ( amazingly enough) I like the map. And knowing who's visiting my blog that I haven't attended to in several weeks. *sigh* some day I'll catch up with life, maybe.

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