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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Time to Clean out the Flickr Pool

037, originally uploaded by coffeejitters.

Ok, well this is just a little bit ridiculous. I've really got to clean up my flickr pool. I moved to this site because of the tags and sets and categories and now that I've got 1944 images uploaded, the vast majority are untagged, unsetted (I just made that word up) and uncategorized. I'm a lazy girl, which is a wonderful way to be when you want to lie in bed and watch tv while eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Not so much when you are looking for one specific picture.

On a side note, anyone have any idea what kind of flower this is? I don't think I've seen this one before.

Now I'm going to curl up with a bowl of ice cream and watch Letterman and TV's Craig Ferguson.


vb said...

That's a columbine, one of my favorites. Grows all over Seattle. Lots of folks have them in their gardens. They also volunteer alot too. Come in many colors and some different varieties. Some are shy and keep their heads down, others stare up at the sky. Congrats on cleaning up photo files. It's a chore.

mama said...

It's PURPLE!!! And absolutely beautiful!!

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