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Sunday, June 01, 2008


I am thinking of trying out a new rss feed listing service, rssHugger. I'm curious to see if it will help increase the readership of this blog.

However, I find this policy to be rather suspect.

To be accepted into rssHugger, you must make a blog review about the site.
After completion of the review, please login to your
and go to the fourth tab (Edit my feeds), and you may setup how your blog is
displayed, as well as the URL for which we will find the rssHugger review.

How can one be expected to write an honest review of a service or product prior to being able to use it?

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Apple Joos said...

Pick the third word in the fifth line. If it has even letters, critique them on their sexist use of the word hug. If it has odd letters, complain about the size of their carbon footprint. Of course, it doesn't make much sense, but it should fulfill their requirement, stroke their egos, encourage dialogue and make sure you catch their attention.

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