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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Constant Gardener

We got a new delivery from netflix last night: The Constant Gardener, The Aristocrats, and some Pride Fight or UFC thing for Mr.H. (I never check my queue so I never know what's coming next from netflix - it's kinda fun that way.)

The first thing that struck me about The Constant Gardener was the photography. Stunning. I could turn the sound off and watch this movie over and over again just for the view.

But it's worth watching again for the story too. Based on the book by John le Carre, the story takes place mostly in Kenya and follows a widower's search for the truth after the murder of his driven, passionate, and secretive wife. Superpowers in sweetheart deals with big business, conspiracies to use humans in undeveloped countries as gunea pigs, betrayals, and weak men in powerful positions keep things moving, but the real story is a man learning to understand his wife after her death.

Love. at any cost.

See it.

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