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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

identify 100 things that make me happy (16-40)

16. tulips
17. anything that’s just out of the dryer
18. dancing alone in the living room when no-one else can see me
19. really cool journals
20. taking a good picture – one that I’m proud of
21. giggling
22. tickling toddlers
23. a nice peppery Shiraz
24. being around someone who is really enthusiastic – about just about anything
25. really good pens
26. puppy dogs
27. window shopping at really cool funky stores
28. making someone else laugh
29. making someone else happy
30. Christmas
31. crusty bread and fresh butter
32. validation
33. everytime the little credit card machine says “ACCEPTED” when I go shopping
34. a freshly made bed
35. when the tree outside my bedroom window bursts into bloom
36. making progress
37. tiramisu
38. ferry boats
39. the smell of a baby’s head
40. being heard – feeling like what I meant really sunk in.

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