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Tuesday, September 23, 2008



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Ronda's Rants said... it looks like your pretty close too!

Teri said...

My, what orange feet you have!

mama said...

So I hope this isn't too long or convoluted but here goes: My first thought on this was that children's song (one of my favorite) "five little ducks." The ducks go out to play and when Mama calls 'em back one stays out; repeat with four ducks, then three, then two, then one, then they are all gone! Then the sad mama duck calls them all home. It's a cute song. Anyway, here in your picture we have mama duck saying QUACK QUACK QUACK and calling her babies home.

Amy said...


Tricia said...

And quack, quack to you too. I'm not really sure why I like ducks so much, but I do.

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