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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tully's, Seattle

Once upon a time, this landmark housed the Raineer Brewery. It had a big red R on top. You remember the commercials, a motorcycle shifting through gears "Raaaay Neeeeeeer Beeeeeeer"

The building has since been purchased by the Tully's Coffee and much of the building has been sectioned off into artists' lofts. The paint job is relatively new and I have yet to warm to the new color scheme.






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Moose Nuggets said...

I choose not to question other people's choice of colors. However it seems that if you go to the expense of painting you should scrape or sand off the existing paint that is peeling.

Weren't those the guys who had artisians in their commercials?

I remember the one with lady knitting a sweater with 2 neck holes.

Laura said...

Gee, I kindof like it!!!

But I'm weird. I've never been to Seattle but my husband, The 'Publican, goes there periodically as he works for Boeing. I've been trying to convince him to take me along but he won't cuz he's afraid I'll like it too much and want to move there. He's right to be afraid.

I've had Tully's coffee - sorry, I like Peet's (from Berkeley) or Starbucks or even Coffee Bean (which is from here in LA) over it. But anyway - I think artist's lofts are a great re-purpose for the brewery.

Hope all is well with the pregnancy - congratulations!



Teri said...

ooh, I love the funky colors. Art is action!

Z said...

I like the colors in the pics - not so sure if I would on the real building, confronting me daily... Hmmm...

mama said...

At least it's not drab and gray . . . I guess . . . wow, that'd wake you up in the morning huh?

Lori said...

It looks like Tully's is trying real hard to erase any vestiges of the history of the building. But I'm partial to historic buildings. The colors would be pretty in the Keys, though...

Ronda's Rants said...

I love the colors but...I understand...I don't have nay sentimental feelings attached to the building and it's integrity!! :)

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