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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm not Blogger's biggest fan right now

I've reverted back to my old format. I changed to the new format on Saturday night/Sunday morning and for some reason, suddenly today, blogger decided to freak out and it could no longer read my code. My blog has been down for most of the day.

Oh yes I know there are bigger, faster, sexier blog services out there, and someday I expect I'll have me a bigger, faster, sexier blog, with tassels and a bell. But those things take resources like time, money, and know-how and at the moment I seem to be strapped for all three.

so instead, I give you this pretty picture I took on Sunday afternoon.



Janece said...

Pretty picture, indeed. I love the light coming through the petals. :)

mama said...

Yup, I was kinda worried when I couldn't get your blog that day. I liked the other (newer) one with the reflection, that was really cool.

oh well, "all we can do is what we can do" my friend says. ;D

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