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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Updating Blog Template

You may have noticed that I went through about 30 variations on blogger templates today. I'm still not satisfied with the results, but then I'm still learning, too. I suppose I would be a little more adept at this if I'd just break down and take a class or two on web design, but I much prefer banging my head against the wall. There's something about finding a solution after trying 48 other possible variations that is so much more satisfying than just knowing what will work in the first place.


bleeding espresso said...

I'm *so* with you here. I love learning things on my own--I tend to remember it better as well.

Design looks great, by the way...but how's your head?!

Nicole said...

Well your header is beautiful!!!! Let me know what you learn. I was trying to futz around with the layout and widen the pictures. Not sure yet how to do it and need to direct my energies elsewhere for a few weeks.

Nicole said...

Sorry. Something went crazy and my comment came out a bunch of times. Weird??? If you can figure out how to delete that, please tell me. Now you have another project to bang your head about!!!

Judy Haley said...

@Bleeding Espresso - Head is doing much better. Possibly due to not trying to mess with the layout yesterday.

@Nicole - the comments I can handle, just delete from the administrator side. I'm still not sure what I did to the pictures. They show up fine on large monitors but get truncated on the smaller ones. I'll figure it out...

mama said...

It looks great! You made that "Coffee Jitters" reflection yourself, wow!! how did you do that?

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