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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My life is a musical

The other day, Mr. H and I were watching Rules of Engagement, part of our Monday night comedy line up after The Big Bang Theory (seriously, pee your pants funny) and How I Met Your Mother.

Audrey had just gotten a promotion and she wanted her husband, Jeff (the Patrick Warburton character) to take her to a Broadway play - "Maybe even a musical - where people might even burst into song for no earthly reason."

At that moment I realized my life is a musical.

My husband bursts into song for no earthly reason (other than he's just really happy). It doesn't matter what he's doing, washing dishes, walking down the hallway, looking for something interesting to magically appear in the fridge. He makes up funny, silly songs too.

Of course there is no singing out in public or skipping down the sidewalk, but just wait, one of these day's we'll have a child and I'll bet we'll see him doing that with him or her too.


mama said...

La la la. . . I need to go to the BAAAAAAAAA-throom. . . La la!

Judy Haley said...

you're closer to the truth than you think

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