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Friday, May 30, 2008

The Reading Room

For the past couple of months Mr. H has been encouraging me to pack up my goodies and go spend a day studying in the reading room in the Suzzillo Library at the University of Washington. It's just a couple blocks away, but I've been resisting.

For some reason I felt intimidated.


I'm not sure why, in fact I think my IQ went up a few points just by my walking into the room.

This is such a beautiful room, and the people studying in the room treat it with respect. I love how there is a quiet in here that does not exist in other parts of the library. No jabbering on cell phones, no printers, no copiers, no high heels clacking.


Once I got over the gawkfest and took a few pictures, I was able to settle down and get some work done.


It was so nice to have a quiet place to work with no interruptions. Every once in a while Mr. H is right.

Where do you do your writing?


Trisha said...

I think I would like to read in a place like that - but for me I do my best writing, reading, etc. right in my living room. What I don't like about libraries and similar places is that it seems just as soon as I get settled down somewhere I'm either hungry or thirsty or need to use the bathroom. Of course you can't do the first 2 in a library and I never want to leave my stuff set out unattended. It just gets too complicated for me!

Judy Haley said...

Oh, yes! I've had that problem. There's nothing quite like trying to figure out how to deal with all your stuff while doing the potty dance. I very conciously decided not to bring a water bottle with me for that reason.

andrea gilbertson said...

that library is quite amazing. i felt like i was in an 1600s castle escaping to the only plave in the mansion where tere were no distractions and a quiet environment. i do have a bit of add so when i wanted to look at books i pretty much just ran my eyes over every corner of binding and didn't remember a thing i just looked at. but the atmosphere and smell is what mattered most to me. i felt like every breathe i took in was calming me to a level i haven't experienced yet.


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