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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Shhhh... ! Husband is washing dishes

I am starving right now.


But I dare not enter the kitchen or even acknowledge my husband's presence in the kitchen. True to the observer effect, the act of observing alters the observed, I dare not let husband become aware that I am aware that he is doing the dishes else said dish doing cease.

In which case, I would end up doing the dishes.

Update: Husband doing dishes = sexy


Kandace said...

Hi! Saw that you are new to BlogHer!

Thought I would welcome you eventhough I'm new too [: I live in the 'burbs of Seattle.

Anyway, welcome hoping to meet some new blogging buddies.

Kathy said...

I so agree!! You just stay out of there...maybe he'll whip you up some dinner too!!

Judy Haley said...

@kandace - welcome!

@kathy - no dinner but still priceless (he was singing to himself too) be still my heart

insane mama said...

OHHHH Sweet, never disturb a man in the kitchen, thats my motto

jen x said...

Mine sings to himself too. If only we could peek into their thoughts :-)

Anonymous said...

There is a book that I think you would enjoy. It contains no nudity, but it is called Porn for Women. It shows good looking men doing the household chores it is really funny. They have one for new Mom's too. I know that had it.

Judy Haley said...

@~sjts - I've seen that book, it cracked me up.


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