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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Bite of Seattle

Last night The Outlaw Baker and I crashed The Bite of Seattle. Oh my goodness, such yummy scrumptiousness!


I had to take these pictures to share with Adventures in Roadkill (we didn't try any as we were already stuffed)



"Butt on a Bun Yummy"

This sign confused me


Then once we'd eaten till we could no longer move we sat in a carbohydrate induced stupor and stared at the Space Needle and International Fountain.


The Bite of Seattle continues all day today and tomorrow. Stop by if you're in the area.

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lala said...

lol...I'm laughing because used to be you could stop in a quickie/convenience store just about anywhere in Arkansas and find canned possum. I honestly don't think it was real and was more of a joke, but I never wanted to try.

Mina said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by at my
blog and your comment.

Moose Nuggets said...


Now I'm hungry.

I think I've got some chicken feet around here somewhere...

Shea said...

I love the imagery. It's great.

cmwheeler said...

thanks for the comment - I love the "Butt On A Bun - Yummy!" sign. I am sooo going to start calling DH that.

Anonymous said...

We talked about going up to the bite today but instead did a bike ride in the south sound.

Love all the pictures!

mama said...

Plucked Headless is the best. (Otherwise they stare at you and it's just not fun to be stared at when you're eating.)

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