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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Learning to Fly

It sounded like a thousand birds, but when I finally roused myself from bed to look out the window, I only counted fifteen lined up along the edge of the roof. They were learning to fly.

One by one they would take the great leap, swoop down low, and flap like mad to make it back up to the roof-line and their siblings. I can't imagine that leap and the faith that your wings will bear you up.

Eventually they all made the short flight down to the lower roof, and eventually I woke up enough to think of grabbing my camera. From the lower roof, they made the much longer flight to the tree where they have been singing for much of the day.

These pictures are a bit blurry as they were taken through the bug-screen on my window.

When was the last time you took a deep breath and a leap of some kind?

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Kendrawolf said...

I wonder if they felt like I do when I get on an airplane. "Well, this is supposed to work. Hope it does."

Sydney said...

There's a nest of sea gulls on the top ramp of the parking structure attached to my office. (Well, Lake Michigan isn't technically the sea, so maybe they're lake gulls??)
The mama seagull finally hatched two babies this week, and it has just been such a joy to see those little balls of fluff snuggling together and wandering around. I can't wait till they try to fly!

Romi said...

We have 2 baby birds in a nest outside our front door. The other day I heard them chirping wildly and opened the door to take a look. They immediately stopped and sat there in dead silence watching me. I shut the door and they were back in business again.
As for taking a leap...I'm finishing the book I am writing this summer. I'm jumping in with both feet:-)

jen721 said...

Great pics. By the way, your question will be answered on the Sunday Special Segment Series of Ask a monkey. It will be set to post at 7:00 AM. See you then...:()

womandriver said...

Wow, makes me think my leap into furthering my education isn't quite so bad. At least there aren't any heights involved!

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