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Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodies: Robots in Love Pendant

When I watched WALL-E last week, Mr. H was not with me. I spent the entire movie wishing that he was there because I just wanted to hold his hand.

When I saw this robots in love pendant, I just couldn't resist. While they are nothing like the main characters in the movie, these robots convey the same sense of innocence and comfort in each other, and I find it quite endearing.

Robots need love too.

Doncha just love to goodies you can find on Etsy?


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Apple Joos said...

I LOVE Etsy! I can't wait to get my shop back up and running. I had a series of robot paintings and they went fast!

Andi said...

Oh, that is so cute! I love robots, and I too have been feeling the Etsy love lately. Nothing like getting a one-of-a-kind item (or close to it).

LiteralDan said...

I wanna see that movie again-- it made a completely abandoned Earth filled with garbage seem almost appealing.

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