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Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Update

I'm really doing quite well. The biggest concern has been staying cool enough. So far I haven't had any morning sickness although there has been quite a bit of heartburn and I still have the dizziness.

Food Cravings: I've had several people ask me if I've had any strange food cravings. I would stand there on the phone (barefoot and pregnant in front of the stove) telling them "no, no food cravings at all" while I'm making myself another cheese and cranberry quesadilla. I eat at least one of these a day, sometimes more. I was actually thinking of writing up the recipe and posting it to my blog. It took a while for it to occur to me that this food pairing might be a little strange.

We went to the doctor last Monday and they gave us a couple books and a bag full of brochures, sent us on our merry way and told us to come back at the end of the month. I really thought they would have checked me out at that point, but aside from checking my blood pressure, they just asked a lot of questions about my health history. It was a little frustrating, but I guess it's normal operating procedure to do the first real checkup at week 8 or later.

We are nearly at week 6, the baby is due April 8.

Mr. H has been wonderful. Yesterday he sent me to my mom's house so he could disinfect the house. He didn't want me to breath the cleaning fumes. And he holds my hand when I cross the street. A little protective?

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mama said...

How sweet! He'll be an awesome Daddy. And you'll be a wonderful Mommy! -Enjoy your quesadilla (however you spell the darn thing.)++


OK, that is a bizarre combo! But whatever works.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nichole and Scott said...

AWE!!! So sweet! Thanks for the update. Not sure if I'm ready to try the quesadilla yet but who knows. Must not be half bad for you to keep going back though. Keep the updates coming and don't worry, there will be more checkups than you can shake a stick at before long. Prepare yourself for a huge lack of privacy!!! I'm sorry to say this but your body is no longer your own. Thank God for that! Well, your husband had something to do with it too. Wink wink!

Teri said...

Your husband sounds like a sweet guy. Enjoy all this attention. It's such a cool time.

Kendrawolf said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Keep us posted.

Mamahut said...

I am so glad your not sick or anything. Your food choices are right on! I'll bet 8 or 9 months seems like it will never get here huh? Great time of year to be with babah. I gave birth in the dog days of summer both times winter is much better!

Lori said...

Your husband... disinfected... your house? I'm just... wow. I'm doing good to get mine to spray Febreeze on his stinky gear after SWAT (or more accurately, SWEAT) training.

>Lots of happy thoughts being sent your way!<

Sydney said...

It's so sweet to see what the daddy-to-be does in the pregnancy stage. My husband became very protective... and towards month 8, he wouldn't even let me carry a heavy bag of groceries for fear I would fall down. He actually yelled at me for carrying a box of bratwurst and a gallon of milk down the basement steps to our second fridge! Enjoy this time together... it's really magical!

scargosun said...

Yea! So glad all is going well. The cheeze and cranberry thing is kinda odd though. Heck though if it works for you..

Just The Girl said...

So sweet of him to do that. By the time I was preggo with number 3 he was like over it - haha

Tiaras & Tantrums said...


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I got pregnant a month after moving 2500 miles away from where i had been for 3 years... all I craved was food FROM THERE... THAT I COULDN'T GET!!!!

I'm super happy for you and can't wait to hear about things progressing!

Tricia said...

Your husband sounds absolutely delightful.

If you start craving pickles and ice cream at the same time, I want to know. I've never meet anyone that actually had the craving and the quesadilla sounds delicious.

Karen said...

Cheese and cranberries actually go quite well together. I make baked brie and with cranberries. I also mix cranberries and grated sheese into salads. Cranberries are also good mixed into cottage cheese.

Glad things are going well and that your hubby is being protective. So sweet and he will make such a good dad!!

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